CARF - Center for Applied Research in Finance

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  • Conducting scientific research in the field of finance and economics,
  • Contributing to sound, effective and efficient operation of corporate management and financial markets through scientific research, data and analysis,
  • Facilitating efficient utilisation of limited capital sources in Turkey and contributing to economic development of Turkey through sound and efficient operation of corporations and financial markets,
  • Conducting academic research on structures and best practices about financial activities most suitable for Turkey, taking into account country specific conditions, culture and institutions of Turkey,
  • Scientifically contributing to the conceptual and legal structure of the project that has been implemented under “İstanbul International Financial Center Strategy and Action Plan”


  • Instituting and developing effective idea exchange and cooperation on financial regulation and corporate governance among academy, market participants and relevant public institutions;
  • Offering policy recommendations based on scientific research to legislators and financial market regulators ;
  • Providing data and research based conceptual framework reflecting financial and economic reality to legislative and regulatory preparations;
  • Thus, incorporating long-term economic value creation issue into policy actions in addition to legal and ethical issues;
  • Providing support and training on corporate governance best practices to management teams of private sector corporations;
  • Offering data and analysis based advise on IPO’s, corporate bond issues, derivative instruments and effective and efficient operation of related markets;
  • Contributing to financial literacy of individuals and their efficient access to financial investment and risk management tools and instruments;
  • Cooperating with foreign universities with similarly structured institutions and research centers;
  • Conducting international research and training with collaborative projects;
  • Collaborating efficiently with public institutions regulating corporations and financial markets, such as Capital Markets Board, Borsa Istanbul and Central Bank of Republic of Turkey and conducting collaborative research, facilitating mutual data access and practical application of research results.

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